5 great reasons for buying a house in an estate

Marcel Hoogebeen, Leon Buter "The Property Specialists"

Marcel Hoogebeen, Leon Buter “The Property Specialists”

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There are many South Africans buying houses or making property investments in security estates and complexes. Here are some great reasons why they are investing in these lifestyle villages:


Estates provide a lot of safety and security for individuals and families as they are walled and gated, kind of like a castle.

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There are also security companies constantly monitoring access to the estate and patrolling the grounds, including CCTV surveillance throughout the complex that is monitored continuously. The peace of mind knowing that your property and family are thoroughly protected is priceless and with so many security measures, residents can get a real sense of freedom as children are often seen playing outside freely.

Variety of Amenities

Many estates offer the full package when it comes to amenities. This adds a lot of value to the properties and the individuals living there.

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These can include gyms, parks, play areas/grounds, running and cycling paths, swimming pools, and many more luxuries and necessities. Some of the larger estates have even more services, such as elderly care with medical facilities, schools as well as some shopping centres. All this helps to enhance the lifestyles of the people living there.

Great Resale value

Whether you are buying for yourself or buying to rent, purchasing a property in a secured complex is a great investment opportunity.

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Before investing in a home, it’s important to think ahead. Always think about reselling in the future and what will draw people to that property and area. Often buying in a secure estate will make your resale value that much higher. For rental purposes, potential tenants are always looking to pay one price that includes additional benefits. Singles and families want value for their money, which these communities offer.


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Living in an estate allows homeowners and tenants to develop a sense of community. Families feel comfortable enough to get to know their neighbours, let their children play outside, and form long-lasting friendships within the complex. Also having a friendly community means everyone looks out for each other.


The corporate body is responsible for general maintenance and the upkeep of all public spaces in the gated community.

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The corporate body will also be able to assist you if you need work done around the house with vetted and approved installers and service delivery companies. They will also ensure the overall look and feel of the property is always on a set standard, assuring that the value of your property remains secure.

We are currently working with three lifestyle estates in and around Cape Town. You can find out more by visiting http://www.synergyindevelopments.co.za/developments. We hope you enjoyed this article.

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