4 Upgrades Homeowners Want Right Now

Designers and remodelers say clients have been wanting to improve these areas of their homes in recent months It’s been nearly a year since many people started working from home due to the pandemic. This period has given homeowners ample opportunity to see their houses in a whole new light and to reevaluate what works and what needs to improve. We talked to established professionals about their...

level 3

Tenants and landlords – what you need to know about level 3 lockdown rules

The amended level 3 lockdown regulations give tenants who can’t pay their rent due to “the disaster” some “breathing room”, but landlords will still be entitled to demand their rentals and cancel leases if tenants remain in breach indefinitely. That’s according to Cape Town-based rental property attorney Marlon Shevelew. The regulations make the following practices “unfair” in...

Property rentals

Knowing Your Rights

Knowing your rights and obligations as a tenant in South Africa With South Africans being forced to tighten their belts even further this year, it’s becoming increasingly important for consumers to learn where and how they can save money and the rental arena is no exception. There are a number of situations where tenants can unwittingly incur unnecessary and avoidable costs and even place themselves...


SEMIGRATION : What exactly is it all about ?

What is semigration and what’s driving it? Semigration or semi-emigration is the act of moving to another location within your home country. While this definition may prompt one to ask: “Isn’t that just known as moving?”, semigration is distinguished by the motivating factors behind the relocation. Just like those who emigrate, they hope that a change of location will be the key to a better...

SA Property Pages Land Reform

Property Rights Under Threat

Paving the way for a land-grab free-for-all By Anthea Jeffery -August 27, 2020 In a judgment handed down on Tuesday this week, the Cape Town high court issued an interim interdict barring the City of Cape Town from evicting illegal land occupiers from their shacks – whether these are occupied or not – without first obtaining a court order. This interim interdict will...

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