House for families

How to Focus Your Family Room on Family

How to Focus Your Family Room on Family Reclaim your room from screens and headphones with these ideas for fostering family togetherness Family rooms are supposed to promote family togetherness, but most of the time, a television dominates the space, and family members often lie unspeaking, splayed across furniture — or find themselves in another room working on a task alone. It doesn't have to be this...

African inspired living room

African Inspired Decor

African Inspired Decor Africa is trending. We are in the spotlight for everything from fashion and film to visual arts and design and of course our epic rugby team. Creating a space in your home that is inspired by the African aesthetic is a great idea if you’re keeping up with décor trends. African décor and design elements can give your home a warm, sophisticated feel. Decorative tribal elements...

Single house red roof

News – Cheaper Properties Sell faster

‘Cheaper’ homes in South Africa are hot right now – in some cases even selling for above the asking price Properties priced between R250,000 and R500,000 are experiencing a strong third quarter, a new report by FNB showed.  Due to increased demand, 5% of properties in that bracket is sold above asking price.  FNB said there is a lack of supply in that bracket which leads to strong house...

10 Bathroom styles

Bathroom renovation styles

Bathroom renovation styles Whether you’re tackling a bathroom remodel with the help of a bathroom designer, architect or contractor, knowing which style resonates with you can be a big help. Read on for the need-to-know details about 10 popular bathroom styles, including colour palettes and key features of each look. Transitional Transitional bathrooms gracefully walk the line between traditional...

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