Cape Town

More Gauteng residents are semigrating to the Western Cape than ever before – here’s where they are moving to

Ex-Gauteng residents and semigrants from other South African provinces are buying more properties in the Western Cape than ever before, says Alexa Horne, managing director of Dogon Group Properties who adds that an increasing number of South Africans are relocating to Cape Town and snapping up properties close to good schools, amenities, and lifestyle offerings. “Semigration to the Cape is by no means...


SEMIGRATION : What exactly is it all about ?

What is semigration and what’s driving it? Semigration or semi-emigration is the act of moving to another location within your home country. While this definition may prompt one to ask: “Isn’t that just known as moving?”, semigration is distinguished by the motivating factors behind the relocation. Just like those who emigrate, they hope that a change of location will be the key to a better...

Tips For Moving House

There are many reasons why we move house. Most often it’s because of our work, changing jobs, upgrading to a better location, finding the right schools for our children, marriage and divorce, inheritance, and so on. They say moving your home is one of the most stressful events in life – and there are always so many things to consider. However, depending on your reasons for moving, there are various...

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