Tips To Stay Calm During Loadshedding

The most important tip is to be patient, stay calm, and accept that it is happening.

A few tips that can help should the power stay off for longer periods.

  1. Fill a few 2L bottles with water and freeze them. When the power goes off, move 2 or 3 of them into your fridge and limit the opening and closing of the fridge door. Leave the other bottles in the fridge and only take them out once the others are down to 25 % ice, swap them out for the frozen ones. This should keep your fridge cold enough to preserve your food for at least 8 hours. The ones in the deep freeze should stay frozen for at least 12 hours. Most importantly, remember to minimize the opening and closing of the door.
  2. Keep your power bank charged up and ONLY use it when the power is off. If you know that you are in for a few hours of down time during the day, switch your phone to low power mode ASAP to preserve battery life.
  3. Invest in a rechargeable camping light from Cape Union Mart or any camping store. They last a good few hours and are bright enough to read, play board games, and generally have lights around the house.
  4. A car phone charger is and absolute necessity.
  5. Keep a stock of groceries that do not require cooking (unless you have a gas stove). Canned products that have a longer shelf life are a good way to go.
  6. When the electricity is on, fill a flask or two with boiled water to use for baby’s bottles/tea/coffee etc.
  7. Plan outings during scheduled load shedding time. During the day, it can be managed better than at night when it can be depressing sitting in the dark. A movie, date night, some late-night Christmas shopping, hanging out with friends… all of these can reduce the stress of load shedding.
  8. If it fits within your budget, look at getting an inverter, or a generator. Even the most basic system will give you a few hours of the minimum: lights, chargers, TV and maybe fan.
  9. To ensure that you can still cook or heat food and liquids during load shedding, invest in a small, yet powerful, cooking device such as a solar cooker or a 2-plate gas stove. You could also take precautions before your power goes out, such as cooking in a Wonder bag.

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